One day, in the not-to-distant future, I hope to share some of my own writings in this space. I regularly participate in (English language) writing workshops during my visits to Paris. If you think this is something you might enjoy, check out these websites:

http://www.pariswritingworkshop.com  Paris American Academy’s Creative Writing Program

https://www.irelandwritingretreat.com  Ireland Writing Retreat (in Paris)

https://www.pariswritersretreat.com/contactus.html Rohm Literary Writing Retreats (Paris)

https://cambridgewritersworkshop.org/cambridge-writers-workshop-summer-in-paris-july-17-22-2019/  Cambridge Writers’ Workshop (Paris)

If you would rather just read about Paris,  here are some suggestions:

There are a number of useful “36 Hours in Paris” features available in the archives of the New York Times’ Travel Section.

Google: “Rick Steves Travel Forum” for answers to specific Paris, France  travel questions. His professional guides, and regular travelers, answer timely questions you won’t find elsewhere. 


  1. Paris to the Moon – Adam Gopnik
  2. Paris, Paris David Downie
  3. Paris, City of Night – David Downie
  4. Paris, to the Pyrenees – David Downie
  5. A Taste of Paris — David Downie
  6. A Moveable Feast – Ernest Hemingway
  7. L’appart — David Lebovitz
  8. The Sweet Life of Paris – David Lebovitz
  9. Drinking French — David Lebovitz
  10. The Only Street in Paris–Elaine Sciolino
  11. The Seine- The River That Made Paris– Elaine Sciolino
  12. Lunch in Paris – Elizabeth Bard
  13. Parisians- An Adventure History – Graham Robb
  14. Paris Was Ours –collected essays – Penelope Rowland
  15. French Toast – Harriet Welty Rochefort
  16. The Most Beautiful Walk in the World – John Baxter
  17. We’ll Always Have Paris – John Baxter
  18. Immoveable Feast- John Baxter
  19. Bagels to Brioches, Paris Par Hazard – Terrance Gelenter
  20. Culture Shock France – Sally Adunson Taylor
  21. Paris: The Collected Traveler – essays- Barrie Kerper (editor)
  22. Stuff Parisians Like – Olivier Magny
  23. Paris A Love Story – Kati Marton
  24. I’ll Never Be French – Mark Greenside
  25. A Year in the Merde – Stephen Clark
  26. Paris I Love You, But You’re Bringing Me Down – Rosecrans Baldwin
  27. Twilight of the Belle Epoque  – Mary McAuliffe
  28. Paris in Mind – collection
  29. The Food Lover’s Guide to Paris 5th Edition – Patricia Wells
  30. A Paris All Your Own (Women Writers Essay Collection) 
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