Paris: February 14, 2018

Lured back by friends assuring me Paris gets spring-like weather the first few weeks in February, I arrived just in time for what was being called the “heaviest snows in 25 years.” But a lovely apartment with lots of light, in Paris, makes snow and cold charming, even when you’re slipping and sliding through the streets. And it was lovely to spend time with my godson and his wife who are living in Paris for the year. I also attended a couple sessions of an erudite, multilingual, writing seminar at the beloved (by expats) Berkeley Books, with former classmate Sebastian.

Lunch with Holly****My favorite Boulangerie, Miss Manon, in Le Marais****Writing at the Bibliothéque****Markets****Sunday Salon at Le Select with old friends and early morning quiet streets. Still missing the spring-like weather I was promised but moving around too much to notice the cold.

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