Paris: July 20, 2017

After 7 trips to Paris, and visits to lots of small museums, I finally decided to brave the Louvre. I signed up for a “2-hour” tour, with two friends. We ended up on a non-stop “3-hour” tour (think Gilligan’s Island.). Criss-crossing the palace with an enthusiastic guide, the three of us were dragging and dehydrated by the time we escaped–but I can now say I’ve “been there, done that.” ****I had lunch again with my “Shero” Holly who reinforces that laughter is always the best medicine.****Our month of classes culminated with a celebration on Quai Saint Bernard. Our illustrious cigar smoking leader, Rolf, handed out diplomas while wine flowed****I had cocktails at the recently opened Ritz Bar in the recently reopened Ritz Hotel, but only took a photo of the gold-plated bathroom fixtures so as not to appear touristy or gauche in the bar.****The man on the fantastical bike (zoom in and look at the details) was just one of many recent bizarre street sights–which included four monks dressed in colorful quilts that I dubbed the “Holy Order of Bedspreads.”

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