Paris: July 5, 2017

Returned to classes at the Paris American Academy where, this year, I am a fellow. Imagine taking classes in rooms with beautiful crystal chandeliers, in a building with the sound of choral singers practicing nearby while outside, fountains gurgle. I’m making new friends and reconnecting with incredible faculty and old classmates.  And having a student ID card always makes me feel young! My new apartment is at a major intersection across from a Metro station–which provides great people watching. I love all the street noises. I take different routes home from school, and to the gym, and each day I discover little gems (like an ancient arena in the middle of a shopping district.) I’m also not far from the nightly tango, salsa and bopping that happens on the banks of the Seine each night. Met up with American friends on the 4th of July, at Joe Allen (Paris vs New York), had hamburgers and the whole restaurant broke out singing God Bless America. On Sunday, people line up to go to the church of Louis Vuitton and dealerships featuring race cars. My classmates and I had weekly outdoor soirées all over town.


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