Paris: August 18, 2018

Paris Summer 2018 Episode #3–Considered an epitome of stained-glass and Gothic architecture, the acoustically perfect 13th century Sainte Chapelle was perfect for a string quartet’s classical concert.  I mediated a dispute between an irascible artist and two young French musicians in front of Les Deux Magots and then headed home across the Seine, by way of the Louvre. Paris is full of statutes where people rub parts of the noted person for luck, so I suppose the foot of French philosopher Montaigne does something to stimulate intellect. As I walk home from the gym most days, I’m treated to various scenes where Notre Dame is the backdrop. Thomas, my wonderful French tutor, increased my vocabulary 10-fold and got me speaking sentences and conjugating verbs and I’m actually talking a little more, albeit hesitantly, to people on the streets. As usual, hanging with gal-pal Holly brought forth tears of laughter. Galignani book store could be the most dangerous shop for the pocketbook of a person like me. Had a delicious lunch with my girlfriend Karen, from Osaka, at the Hotel Meurice’s Dali restaurant. Sunsets on a bridge in Paris – self-explanatory.

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