Paris: May 16, 2019

Back where I belong in Le Marais. I’m getting my daily essentials — bread, butter, flowers, friends, walking, Paris-energy. The grand dame’s (Notre Dame) reconstructive surgery is in progress. I returned to my Sunday writers group and got a collective “She’s Back” that warmed my soul. After our literary stimulation, we repair to a classic pub for libations. During the week, I’m writing in a grand bibliothéque (library) in the Hotel de Ville. The internet is bad there so very few distractions from the task at hand. I’ve seen 5 movies and met the director of one. I’m recognized at my gym. It’s the season for peonies, my favorite flower, and I am here long enough to get a different color bouquet every week at my favorite neighborhood street market (Richard Lenoir on Thursdays) which is where I also get my weekly rations of salmon, veggies, cheese, olives and these great little caramel pastries from Breton. The guy who sells sea salt is a comedian. Life is good.

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