Paris: September 15, 2018

Best-buds Cronan and Sebastian were there for my 3rd SpokenWord reading. Girlfriend and jazz singer extraordinaire, Joan Minor (Google her if you’re into jazz) and her husband Paul, hosted a lovely dinner party. Then, after agreeing that cathedrals get old if you’ve seen too many, Cronan and I took the train to Chartres. We lucked up (big time) because 85 year old world renowned Chartres Cathedral historian Malcolm Miller was giving a tour. I learned more in 2 hours through his interpretation of biblical stories portrayed in stained-glass windows dating back more than 1000 years, than I have in a lifetime of going to church. And to top off the week, I got into the Sorbonne on one of only 2 days every year it is open to the public. It was phenomenal! One of my most valued privileges has been a good education, and this is where the most privileged have been educated for centuries. Even knowing I wouldn’t have been allowed in until recently, being in such a beautiful place of learning brought tears to my eyes.

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