Paris: September 7, 2018

Museums and Rock & Roll — I visited and ate lunch at the anthropologically focused Musée de L’Homme which has some fantastic views of Paris from inside and out. Then, just because I thought it would be fun, I went to a Janelle Monae concert (I’m more familiar with her acting than singing) at this huge venue, where I mixed with all her, mostly, younger fans. She is fascinating and puts on a good show, but half way through the concert, after 3 hours of standing like a sweaty sardine packed in a can, I cut out and headed to the bar for an adult beverage. Today I saw a high-fashion photo shoot taking place on the banks of the Seine that made me think of Audrey Hepburn, as I made my way to the Petit Palace museum which has a lovely collection of art, sculpture and artifacts.

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