Paris: June 28, 2016


Walking sticks at Galerie Fayet (since 1909) in Passage Jouffroy. The store was like walking into a shop Harry Potter might frequent on Diagon Alley.


Monday lunch at restaurant Mini-Palais in the Grand Palais with Paris writer, jazz singer, tour guide and flaneur Terrance Gelenter (on the right with restaurant manager ‘René). 

Tuesday morning markets. At the Fromager I was scolded for taking the butter off the shelf by myself – but I’ll gladly pay penance because French butter is to die for. And bacon sliced to order …need I say more?


The fairy-godmother of multiple chances has bestowed on me a third phase of life (the first two being childhood and a long legal career) where I can be preoccupied with travel and writing.  Since 2016, I have been traveling to my favorite spots in North America and hunkering down in Paris for a couple months a year to take writing classes, network with fellow writers and venture on side trips across Europe. I write fiction, nonfiction and flash-fiction. Most of my subject matter has little to do with where I travel, but everything to do with the person I become as I experience new places, new people and new cultures.   Renée Ozburn