Paris: November 2, 2019

I’m still writing (really I am) in between —visits to Fontainebleau & Barbizon with homies Mary and the lovely Nora — escargot with buddy Sebastian in Montmartre — introducing friends to friends over good food (finally a tender steak in Paris) — celebrating the 70th birthday of childhood friend Llynn Luke (who’s still partying like it’s 1969) — attending a Mendelssohn & Bruckner performance by the National Orchestra of France with friends in a stunningly beautiful concert hall (we shook hands with the conductor — of the NOF— at a bar —after the concert) — and to top off a 2nd & 3rd week of adventures that keep me smiling — a Chocolate Festival with over 100 vendors including a chocolate fashion exhibit (it took half an hour to find an exit and almost got scary in a Willy Wonka kind of way.)



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