Paris: October 18, 2019

Paris – Fall 2019 – I’ve returned to days of wine and roses, cobblestone streets, mashing with the masses on the Metro and the 67 steps up to my favorite apartment in Le Marais. I’ve bonded with a new set of writing friends who have roots in Australia, India, Qatar, Ireland, Iceland, England, Germany, New York and California. We gathered for a soirée at an illustrious bookstore and enjoyed literary talks in the Paris homes of successful, prolific writers John Baxter and Mary Duncan, who had stories to tell and wisdom to dispense. Daily surprises continue. On my way home from Woody Allen’s latest movie (at a cozy 30-seat cinema), tents and a fire-breather magically appeared where none existed 2 hours before. And walking to my favorite Sunday market, I was serenaded by an invisible harpist who filled the air with angelic melodies for street after street until I turned a corner and there he was.



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