Paris: November 2, 2019

I’m still writing (really I am) in between —visits to Fontainebleau & Barbizon with homies Mary and the lovely Nora — escargot with buddy Sebastian in Montmartre — introducing friends to friends over good food (finally a tender steak in Paris) — celebrating the 70th birthday of childhood friend Llynn Luke (who’s still partying like it’s 1969) — attending a Mendelssohn & Bruckner performance by the National Orchestra of France with friends in a stunningly beautiful concert hall (we shook hands with the conductor — of the NOF— at a bar —after the concert) — and to top off a 2nd & 3rd week of adventures that keep me smiling — a Chocolate Festival with over 100 vendors including a chocolate fashion exhibit (it took half an hour to find an exit and almost got scary in a Willy Wonka kind of way.)



Paris: October 18, 2019

Paris – Fall 2019 – I’ve returned to days of wine and roses, cobblestone streets, mashing with the masses on the Metro and the 67 steps up to my favorite apartment in Le Marais. I’ve bonded with a new set of writing friends who have roots in Australia, India, Qatar, Ireland, Iceland, England, Germany, New York and California. We gathered for a soirée at an illustrious bookstore and enjoyed literary talks in the Paris homes of successful, prolific writers John Baxter and Mary Duncan, who had stories to tell and wisdom to dispense. Daily surprises continue. On my way home from Woody Allen’s latest movie (at a cozy 30-seat cinema), tents and a fire-breather magically appeared where none existed 2 hours before. And walking to my favorite Sunday market, I was serenaded by an invisible harpist who filled the air with angelic melodies for street after street until I turned a corner and there he was.



San Francisco September 15, 2019

Tripped down the coast to Monterey and Carmel-By-Sea, with a stop at Pebble Beach Golf Course**** Spent a morning in Golden Gate Park followed by a lovely afternoon with two delightfully erudite Frenchmen, Cyril and Louis, touring museums and dining on the ocean — saw coyotes and whales — ferried to Sausalito for lunch and a visit to Mill Valley.

San Francisco: September 10, 2019

Here in my favorite city on this side of The Pond to do some fact-checking for my book. Ate some great pasta in North Beach then for (pleasurable) penance walked back to my hotel up a half mile of steep streets and watched the sunset from on high in a classic penthouse bar. Visited Haight-Ashbury’s Jimi Hendrix head shop — and remembered seeing him live in concert in Detroit in the 60s. Crossed the Golden Gate and stopped in Sausalito’s No Name Bar to soak up some memories from my younger days there in the 70s, before walking among the redwoods in Muir Woods. Enjoyed a most wonderful vegetarian- Micheline-chef-prepared-dinner (the chef came to our table to pour a 40 year-old balsamic vinegar on our ice cream -lol) at Greens restaurant in San Francisco’s beautiful Marina district with Paris American Academy buddies Lauren and Linda. Perfect weather.

Paris: June 18, 2019

A Few Things I’ll Miss (until we meet again)… Old & New Paris Friends — The Seine — Walking — Sounds of Cascading Fountains (big & small) — Street Scenes — Classic Cinema — Horns & Sirens — Night Lights — Diversity— Hidden Wonders — The Cornucopia of Creativity — Everywhere, reminders that no matter how crazy the world might seem, the earth still spins on its axis and life goes on!

Spain: June 2019

Spain — I spent an afternoon just south of France’s border in Donostia (what the Basque locals call their town) a.k.a. San Sebastian, Spain. The beaches are more Mediterranean and the sand-art more personal, the tapas more eclectic, the commercial offerings more open-minded and the architecture more spirited — like flamenco. But I’m still partial to France.


Biarritz, France, June 2019

Vacances in France –After a week of classes with some pretty impressive literary and creative speakers…and a final soirée, I decided to wind down by taking the train to Biarritz, France, near the border with Spain, in Basque country. There are hills, palm trees, ocean breezes and roaring waves. If you need a momentary break from Paris it might as well be here — just saying.

Paris: May 26, 2019

Paris Spring 2019…

Week 3—Flâneuring through the streets and covered passageways of Paris is a welcome break from writing. It’s still not high season for tourists, so sometimes you get places all to yourself. I try to catch twilight near the Seine as often as possible — it can be dazzling even on a dreary day. Peonies are still blooming. Got to spend special Paris time with best buds Amy (for a week), Cronan for a couple of days and Suzanne (for a few precious hours). And I know it looks like I walk around the city grinning, but that just happens when no locals are around to wiggle a finger of disapproval at such public displays of joy. Finally, speaking of joy — I wrote the last line of my first novel! Lots of editing to come. After that…who knows?